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Frequently Used Documents

Purgatory Metropolitan District

The following documents are frequently used by District customers who are developing projects and or seeking services from the District. All of the listed documents are available in the District's offices, electronic copies can be requested by contacting the District Manager Eric Hassel at A nominal fee may be charged for hard copies of certain documents obtained through the office to help offset the costs of reproduction.


Rules and Regulations- This is a comprehensive set of rules and regulations governing the operations and functions of the District. They cover all aspects of District operation and are intended to provide for the orderly administration and operation of the District's Systems (collectively Storm Sewer, Water, Sanitary Sewer, Street Improvements and Park and Recreation).

Service Plan - The Service Plan is the document that sets forth the powers of the District and is approved not only by the Board of Directors but the La Plata County Commissioners. The Service plan has been amended twice, once in 1982 and in 2008. These amendments served to expand the services provided by the District and include development projections, master plans and financial analyses to support the feasibility of the District's ability to provide required services.

Codes and Standards - The Codes and Standards, considered a supplement to the Rules and Regulations, govern the design and construction of all District Systems. They also serve to standardize the District's policies and procedures for project submittal and review, construction oversight and inspection and final acceptance procedures.

Copies of the Rules and Regulations, Service Plan and Codes and Standards are available upon request.

Development Improvements Agreement - When a District customer, as part of an approved project, is required to install public improvements to be dedicated to the District, they must enter into a Development Improvements Agreement (DIA). The DIA sets forth the improvements to be constructed, the deadline for completion and the financial guarantee by the customer to complete the improvements. The DIA is available upon request.

2021 Fees, Fines and Service Charges - The District sets a variety of fees, fines and charges on an annual basis. The 2021 listing can be downloaded below.

2021 Fee Listing

Agreement of Final Dedication and Acceptance - This agreement, referred to as the AFDA, effects the final dedication and acceptance of public infrastructure by the District. Upon execution of this Agreement, ongoing ownership and responsibilities for maintaining, operating, repairing and replacing this infrastructure is transferred to the District. A Final Acceptance Checklist has been developed to provide guidance as to what is required for final acceptance and dedication of public infrastructure. A Sample AFDA is available upon Request.

Inspection and Testing Request Form - Systematic inspections and testing are required throughout most projects. This form is utilized by the District's inspection and operations personnel to document the results of these inspections and tests.

   Inspection Testing Request Form