District News

Approximately twice a year, the Purgatory Metropolitan District will be issuing a Newsletter, to provide information, updates and news regarding the District. Many of the District's residents will receive the Newsletter in their monthly billing invoices. They will also be available at the District offices at the Community Center. You may also download each issue by clicking on the issues listed below. We hope you enjoy the update.....if there is any additional content or news you would like to see in the Newsletter, don't hesitate to contact Eric Hassel, the District Manager.


Local Wild Life

Please don't feed the bears, raccoons and other animals, do not leave trash or food scraps behind as they attract wildlife. Please place all trash in wildlife proof containers or take it inside. DO NOT leave food or trash in your car. Even when we have good moisture wildfires are still a big concern, fires should always be in designated fire pits, never leave a fire unattended. To learn more about living with wildlife follow the link below.

Keep Wildlife Wild

Drought Conditions

​We are currently experiencing a dry winter with very little precipitation, please keep water conservation in mind. For more information on drought conditions visit https://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/CurrentMap/StateDroughtMonitor.aspx?High_Plains

What is a Drought?

Drought is a deficiency in precipitation over an extended period. It is a normal, recurrent feature of climate that occurs in virtually
all climate zones. The duration of droughts varies widely. There are cases when drought develops relatively quickly and lasts a very
short period of time, exacerbated by extreme heat and/or wind, and there are other cases when drought spans multiple years, or
even decades. Studying the paleoclimate record is often helpful in identifying when long-lasting droughts have occurred. Source: NWS Drought Fact Sheet

Light filtering through the trees on the far bank of a lake