Development Within

Purgatory Metropolitan District

During the past several years, the District has experienced unprecented growth. In August 2002, the Durango Mountain Resort Development Agreement and Master Plan was approved by the voters of La Plata and San Juan counties. This paved the way for the addition of approximately 1,600 residences and up to 400,000 square feet of commercial space over the next 20 +/-years. All of this new development is to be included in the District.

The District's Board and Staff have developed a comprehensive set of rules, regulations, codes, technical standards and specifications as well as procedures and processes to govern and guide development within the District as it pertains to our water, wastewater, street, drainage systems and recreational facilities. This information can be found in the District's current Rules and Regulations and Codes and Standards. These documents provide detailed guidance on:

- Project and construction planning
- Design guidance
- Project review and approval
- Development Improvement Agreements
- Fee assessments
- Construction review and inspection, and
- Project close out and dedication procedures for infrastructure to be
turned over to the District

Our goal is to insure that any new infrastructure being built within the District adheres to our standards, is properly designed and installed and is built to perform in our unique climate for years to come. Our rules, regulations, design standards and procedures have been developed to reach our goals.

Before you begin a project within the District, please make sure you have thoroughly familiarized yourself with the District's polices and procedures and have obtained the necessary documents. A complete listing of District documents and a description of their purpose can be found in the Important Documents page on this website. All of the documents are available in our office or by contacting the District Manager Eric Hassel at There may be a nominal fee charged for hard copies provided at our office to offset costs associated with reproduction.

We look forward to working with you on your project. Please do not hesitate to contact our staff with any questions you have on our policies and procedures.