About Us

Purgatory Metropolitan District

Originally formed as the Purgatory Water and Sanitation District in 1969, the Purgatory Metropolitan District has been serving the community surrounding Purgatory Ski Area for over 40 years. The District provides central water and wastewater services, road maintenance and snow removal, as well as recreational facilities to a growing number of residents and guests. The District's mission is to provide high quality, cost effective and efficient services to our customer base. We are constantly monitoring our systems, procedures and programs to deliver on our promise.

The District is considered to be a Special District by the State of Colorado and is governed by the 1982 Service Plan as amended in 2008. This Plan, along with the District's current Rules and Regulations and Codes and Standards, is administered by an elected Board of Directors who in turn, are supported by a staff led by the District Manager.The District office is located just North of the Resort Entrance at 49786 Hwy 550N. 

Full contact information is located on our contact page.

Board of Directors

John Ogier - President
Mark Gebhardt - Vice President
Bob Oswald - Secretary
Sharon Henschen - Board Member
Dee Dee Carlson-Board Member

District Staff

Manager - Eric Hassel
Accountant - Frankie White
Legal Counsel - David Smith
Engineer - Rick Johnson
Assistant Manager - Mike Cameron 
Operations - Aaron Cooklin



Building overlooking a lake